Some of you are very likely confused (Please read the posts below). Here are the reasons (in no particular order):

1. God has VERY CLEARLY called me.

2. I have been supporting a family in Scotland financially for the entire time the church has been there.

3. Green is my favorite color.

4. My last name is Scottish.

5. I organized the first youth mission trip to Scotland.

6. I like pubs.

7. I was able to help start the youth ministry there with an ultimate frisbee tournament three years ago.

8. I like contra dancing.

9. The Bullocks are going to Scotland.

10. The Gills are going to Scotland.

11. I have learned that winter clothes are more stylish than summer clothes.

12. I love Europe.

13. I love coffee.

14. I love tea.

15. I love British literature far more than any other type.

16. When I exited Scotland three years ago while backpacking (British airways made me), I thought to myself, “Out of all the countries I visited this summer, Scotland truly was the most beautiful.”

17. I have been studying the language my entire life.

18. I love hot baths (I never even take showers unless I have to).

19. Scottish accents are awesome.

20. I have friends over there who I get to work with (they left King’s Park 3.5 years ago when the church started).

21. Despite myself, over the last 8 months, I’ve been signing my emails “Cheers,” which is how most Scots say goodbye.

22. Most of my friends have visited Scotland.

23. I have a painting of Edinburgh’s castle wall, which I painted two summers ago.

24. I’ve worked with a lot of British students this last year.

25. We work through Scripture Union clubs on high-school campuses in Scotland, which are a lot like FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), which I’ve been advising for the last 3 years.

why Rain?

April 8, 2009

Last summer, I was walking back from volunteering at American Dance Festival, which is truly more international than it sounds. It was July 4th. I had refused plans to see fireworks in favor of attending a dance, which was very beautiful. I also had great seats and felt the heart of God wooing me as a couple danced on stage.

During the end of the performance, a religious dance was performed. The dancers all wore white and did adoration dances. The thunder started, accentuating every move. I could FEEL God’s power.

I had parked quite a long ways away, but I wasn’t going to let a little thunderstorm intimidate me. In my long, flowing skirt, I enjoyed the rain and jumped every time the lightning flashed. It was as bright as daylight. I was THRILLED with excitement and thought, “Rain is Romantic.”

It’s also cleansing. There was a time in college when a boyfriend had just broken up with me. He loved cars and always washed mine for me. One spring day after our breakup, I walked outside. My red car had previously been pollenated so that it was yellow. Enough of a rainstorm had come through (one of those NC flash rains that lasts less than 10 mins) and my car was completely clean!

Rain is mentioned 107 times in the Bible. I can’t help but think of the double meaning. God REIGNS. If anything, through this process (of which there are many more details that I don’t even have time to write about), I have seen His hand move so intricately. He cares a lot about me getting to Scotland, but more importantly, He cares a lot that I trust Him, love Him, give Him my all. 

Rain is a blessing:
“He covers the sky with clouds; he supplies the earth with rain and makes grass grow on the hills.” Psalm 147:8.

Thank God I’ll get to see those green hills in Scotland, a constant testimony to God’s faithfulness.

Last March, my ex and I broke up. I was sad, but had a sense of Freedom, a word that kept getting repeated to me throughout the last year. I heard God’s voice very loudly just two days after this breakup: “Budapest!” I was thrilled. Woke up at 3 a.m. crying, praying, singing to God. I had very clear visions: getting a laptop, learning photoshop, getting glasses, making shoes (these all have come to fruition and much more).

I started going to open mics. When I met with the Bullocks (family of ministers in Hungary), my jaw dropped when they told me that the church had been doing open mics. I knew God had me already participating in something he was already doing. That is always exciting.

I went to Budapest, Hungary over Christmas. I had great opportunities to deliver items to missionaries, items to people living in the city, and had the chance to meet a lot of wonderful Hungarians. I started raising money in early February and found out in late February the church was closing! I was devastated. I had even been studying Hungarian and felt for sure that God was again telling me to stay.

After hearing about everything, I went to church (after some arguments with God). During worship, I felt Him opening my heart again for the possibility of going somewhere. Here’s what the conversation sounded like:

God: You could go teach in NY. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Me: Yeah, that’s actually pretty cool. Teachers are paid well there.

God: How is NY different than Edinburgh, Scotland? They’re both cities.

I started obsessing about Scotland, which was strange because my heart hadn’t been very open to it before. I was still motivated to sell everything, pack, and GO. God is amazing down to the most intimate details: my dresser went to a couple who had attended the University of Edinburgh.

Part III explains Scotland. The second trip I organized was in Summer 2006. We brought 29 youth, adults, and college students to Scotland. This was an incredibly fruitful trip. God gave me the grace to help start the youth ministry! Approximately 70 high-school students attended an ultimate-frisbee tournament and had an opportunity to hear the Gospel. A few students received salvation. One of these students in still with the church and is going on a mission trip to Krakow, Poland.

After my summer in Mexico the previous summer, I received a prophecy at church that said, “I am going to whistle and call you to another nation.” I saw a video about Budapest, Hungary and cried. This got me connected with the Bullocks. I started mentoring their oldest daughter and eating dinner with them every other week.

After Scotland, still convinced I was going to Hungary, I backpacked all over Europe. I visited Scotland, Ireland, England, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and France. It was incredible! This trip was the start of my dreadlocks, the start of even a closer walk with God, the start of a passion to live abroad. 

When I returned, however, I found out that taking time off from teaching to teach in Hungary was not going to work out. Every door seem closed, I started dating and believed God had called me to stay. I stayed, but I kept investing money and time into both Hungary and Scotland.

I’ll tell you a secret: I cried for an entire day during my first mission trip.

I had only recently been on a plane. I was intimidated with the idea of telling others about my faith. I was jealous of other missionaries on the team. God used this trip to grow me in enormous ways.

I made friends. They helped me. Still, I didn’t go on another mission trip until Summer 2005 when I was asked to plan the mission trip for the youth to Mexico City. I know Spanish, I love hispanic culture. I was leading a youth drama team at the time. It was a perfect opportunity!

The trip was a huge success. We witnessed several healings. We got some of them on video. People were lining up each night of the services, declaring what God had done.

I was personally excited about what God had shown me in prayer. I went to bed thinking in Spanish. I left with a new passion for hospitality, which led to me cooking for about a thousand people in the year following. I still wear a ring one of the Mexican women in the church bought for me during the trip. It’s beautiful. 

When I became a Christian at the age of 14. I started attending a church in Jacksonville, NC. I got really involved with the youth ministry and always enjoyed the multicultural atmosphere (a characteristic I often look for in a church).

About a year after I dove into my new-found faith, I invited my Mom and sisters to come. One Easter Sunday, they all gave their lives to Christ. My Dad was away in the military, came back, and also started attending. My parents are still really involved in the same church. My family still all believes.I went to UNC-Chapel Hill and soon got involved with the campus ministry out of my current church King’s Park International. From the very beginning, I have been impressed with my church’s heart for the nations. We have directly started over 60 churches both domestically and abroad. The umbrella organization for my church is called Every Nation Ministries and has churches in many more nations. 

At the end of freshmen year, one of the campus ministers gave a sermon about going on a short-term missions project. I was really excited and wanted to go that summer, but felt God leading me more toward staying in my hometown. Over the course of that summer, I worked at Taco Bell and had the opportunity to witness to several store managers and some employees. One of these managers actually died that fall (she had a stroke at the age of 41). I remember wishing I had talked to her more (she was very angry all the time), but I was glad I had at least had a chance to talk to her some.

The next summer, I went on my first mission trip (and first international trip) to South Africa. I still keep the South African flag on my bookbag as a reminder of this trip. I was stunned by the beauty and the wildlife (I think the only painting I painted in college was leading up to this trip – a watercolor pencil rendition of two elephants, kept in my parents’ house).

We did a lot of work on college campus, ministered to people through a video called Shadows of the Supernatural, and probably most importantly, I began to get comfortable with traveling and evangelism.

More to come!