how did I get here? Part I

April 4, 2009

When I became a Christian at the age of 14. I started attending a church in Jacksonville, NC. I got really involved with the youth ministry and always enjoyed the multicultural atmosphere (a characteristic I often look for in a church).

About a year after I dove into my new-found faith, I invited my Mom and sisters to come. One Easter Sunday, they all gave their lives to Christ. My Dad was away in the military, came back, and also started attending. My parents are still really involved in the same church. My family still all believes.I went to UNC-Chapel Hill and soon got involved with the campus ministry out of my current church King’s Park International. From the very beginning, I have been impressed with my church’s heart for the nations. We have directly started over 60 churches both domestically and abroad. The umbrella organization for my church is called Every Nation Ministries and has churches in many more nations. 

At the end of freshmen year, one of the campus ministers gave a sermon about going on a short-term missions project. I was really excited and wanted to go that summer, but felt God leading me more toward staying in my hometown. Over the course of that summer, I worked at Taco Bell and had the opportunity to witness to several store managers and some employees. One of these managers actually died that fall (she had a stroke at the age of 41). I remember wishing I had talked to her more (she was very angry all the time), but I was glad I had at least had a chance to talk to her some.

The next summer, I went on my first mission trip (and first international trip) to South Africa. I still keep the South African flag on my bookbag as a reminder of this trip. I was stunned by the beauty and the wildlife (I think the only painting I painted in college was leading up to this trip – a watercolor pencil rendition of two elephants, kept in my parents’ house).

We did a lot of work on college campus, ministered to people through a video called Shadows of the Supernatural, and probably most importantly, I began to get comfortable with traveling and evangelism.

More to come!


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