how did I get here? Part II

April 5, 2009

I’ll tell you a secret: I cried for an entire day during my first mission trip.

I had only recently been on a plane. I was intimidated with the idea of telling others about my faith. I was jealous of other missionaries on the team. God used this trip to grow me in enormous ways.

I made friends. They helped me. Still, I didn’t go on another mission trip until Summer 2005 when I was asked to plan the mission trip for the youth to Mexico City. I know Spanish, I love hispanic culture. I was leading a youth drama team at the time. It was a perfect opportunity!

The trip was a huge success. We witnessed several healings. We got some of them on video. People were lining up each night of the services, declaring what God had done.

I was personally excited about what God had shown me in prayer. I went to bed thinking in Spanish. I left with a new passion for hospitality, which led to me cooking for about a thousand people in the year following. I still wear a ring one of the Mexican women in the church bought for me during the trip. It’s beautiful. 


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