how did I get here? Part III

April 7, 2009

Part III explains Scotland. The second trip I organized was in Summer 2006. We brought 29 youth, adults, and college students to Scotland. This was an incredibly fruitful trip. God gave me the grace to help start the youth ministry! Approximately 70 high-school students attended an ultimate-frisbee tournament and had an opportunity to hear the Gospel. A few students received salvation. One of these students in still with the church and is going on a mission trip to Krakow, Poland.

After my summer in Mexico the previous summer, I received a prophecy at church that said, “I am going to whistle and call you to another nation.” I saw a video about Budapest, Hungary and cried. This got me connected with the Bullocks. I started mentoring their oldest daughter and eating dinner with them every other week.

After Scotland, still convinced I was going to Hungary, I backpacked all over Europe. I visited Scotland, Ireland, England, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and France. It was incredible! This trip was the start of my dreadlocks, the start of even a closer walk with God, the start of a passion to live abroad. 

When I returned, however, I found out that taking time off from teaching to teach in Hungary was not going to work out. Every door seem closed, I started dating and believed God had called me to stay. I stayed, but I kept investing money and time into both Hungary and Scotland.


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