how did I get here? Part IV

April 8, 2009

Last March, my ex and I broke up. I was sad, but had a sense of Freedom, a word that kept getting repeated to me throughout the last year. I heard God’s voice very loudly just two days after this breakup: “Budapest!” I was thrilled. Woke up at 3 a.m. crying, praying, singing to God. I had very clear visions: getting a laptop, learning photoshop, getting glasses, making shoes (these all have come to fruition and much more).

I started going to open mics. When I met with the Bullocks (family of ministers in Hungary), my jaw dropped when they told me that the church had been doing open mics. I knew God had me already participating in something he was already doing. That is always exciting.

I went to Budapest, Hungary over Christmas. I had great opportunities to deliver items to missionaries, items to people living in the city, and had the chance to meet a lot of wonderful Hungarians. I started raising money in early February and found out in late February the church was closing! I was devastated. I had even been studying Hungarian and felt for sure that God was again telling me to stay.

After hearing about everything, I went to church (after some arguments with God). During worship, I felt Him opening my heart again for the possibility of going somewhere. Here’s what the conversation sounded like:

God: You could go teach in NY. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Me: Yeah, that’s actually pretty cool. Teachers are paid well there.

God: How is NY different than Edinburgh, Scotland? They’re both cities.

I started obsessing about Scotland, which was strange because my heart hadn’t been very open to it before. I was still motivated to sell everything, pack, and GO. God is amazing down to the most intimate details: my dresser went to a couple who had attended the University of Edinburgh.


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