25 Reasons I am moving to EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND

April 9, 2009

Some of you are very likely confused (Please read the posts below). Here are the reasons (in no particular order):

1. God has VERY CLEARLY called me.

2. I have been supporting a family in Scotland financially for the entire time the church has been there.

3. Green is my favorite color.

4. My last name is Scottish.

5. I organized the first youth mission trip to Scotland.

6. I like pubs.

7. I was able to help start the youth ministry there with an ultimate frisbee tournament three years ago.

8. I like contra dancing.

9. The Bullocks are going to Scotland.

10. The Gills are going to Scotland.

11. I have learned that winter clothes are more stylish than summer clothes.

12. I love Europe.

13. I love coffee.

14. I love tea.

15. I love British literature far more than any other type.

16. When I exited Scotland three years ago while backpacking (British airways made me), I thought to myself, “Out of all the countries I visited this summer, Scotland truly was the most beautiful.”

17. I have been studying the language my entire life.

18. I love hot baths (I never even take showers unless I have to).

19. Scottish accents are awesome.

20. I have friends over there who I get to work with (they left King’s Park 3.5 years ago when the church started).

21. Despite myself, over the last 8 months, I’ve been signing my emails “Cheers,” which is how most Scots say goodbye.

22. Most of my friends have visited Scotland.

23. I have a painting of Edinburgh’s castle wall, which I painted two summers ago.

24. I’ve worked with a lot of British students this last year.

25. We work through Scripture Union clubs on high-school campuses in Scotland, which are a lot like FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), which I’ve been advising for the last 3 years.


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