Recent Paintings

November 4, 2009

These first two paintings were created while facepainting. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work at such a beautiful farm!



These other two continue my urban farm tour series (still more to come!):



While I was in New York, I got denied going in the Metropolitan Museum of Art twice. The first time, I had just arrived in the city, and the museum does not allow luggage. Imagine my frustration when just two days later, I tried to visit again and had a jar of honey (a gift from my Hungarian friend) in my messenger bag. Denied again. *sigh* Fortunately, I had visited the Met years prior, and thankfully, found two small pop-art galleries on Madison Ave. as an alternative. In the second gallery, I got a personal tour (these smaller galleries are certainly not as heavily trafficked), and the lady who showed me around asked if I was an artist. My answer to this question has recently been “yes.” She mentioned that I could submit art there! While I am not currently ready for that, it was deeply encouraging. 

The lesson learned is that many times we take “no” to mean denial (it often is), but usually when I am sidetracked from my goal, I open my ears and steps more fully to what adventure God might have in mind for me. I am so thankful that God so often reminds me of His great love!


5 Responses to “Recent Paintings”

  1. jasmine said

    great job on the pictures good luck luv ya

  2. vanessa said

    i love that first painting of the farmscape, nicole! i need to take lessons in using acrylics from you!

  3. Sam Sawyer said

    Sorry that you didn’t get to see the Met, but good thing you had fun anyways. We went to the Met and MOMA when we were there. I was very excited to see a Dali and some of the O’Keefe paintings. It’s a little surreal to see them in person when you have only ever looked at them in picture. Cow’s Skull: Red, White, and Blue has to be one of my favorites.

  4. Alisa said

    Beautiful thoughts and images Nicole! I love the ‘no’ perspective you’ve taken on. The mantra ‘let go and let God’ reminds me of your words of detachment from what we think we want/need and holding on to what is inherently good for us.

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