December 28, 2009

I can hardly believe we are on the brink of a new decade! Inspired my roommate Sandra, I decided to set 10 goals for 2010 (I actually hope to achieve most of these by June since I’m not sure what awaits me when I arrive):

1. Arrive in Scotland by June 1st.

2. Run a 1/2 marathon in under 2.5 hours. I believe my PR is 2:29 – I am by no means fast, but this year, I will get faster. I am running the Tacoma City 1/2 Marathon on May 2, 2010. 

3. Attend a music festival with friends (hoping I’ll get to do 2: One in Scotland).

4. Fast more regularly–at least once/month, but once/week if I can get there.

5. Do sit-ups every night before bed.

6. Get in bed by midnight most nights and get up by 8 a.m. This is WAY better than having no sleep schedule (I’m trying to convince myself).

7. Sew a skirt. In order to finish this, I first have to complete an apron that my roommate got me started on.

8. Paint 10 paintings of any size. I have a bunch of new acrylic techniques that I am excited to try.

9. Sing and play guitar at an open mic.

10. Have an art show.