December 28, 2009

I can hardly believe we are on the brink of a new decade! Inspired my roommate Sandra, I decided to set 10 goals for 2010 (I actually hope to achieve most of these by June since I’m not sure what awaits me when I arrive):

1. Arrive in Scotland by June 1st.

2. Run a 1/2 marathon in under 2.5 hours. I believe my PR is 2:29 – I am by no means fast, but this year, I will get faster. I am running the Tacoma City 1/2 Marathon on May 2, 2010. 

3. Attend a music festival with friends (hoping I’ll get to do 2: One in Scotland).

4. Fast more regularly–at least once/month, but once/week if I can get there.

5. Do sit-ups every night before bed.

6. Get in bed by midnight most nights and get up by 8 a.m. This is WAY better than having no sleep schedule (I’m trying to convince myself).

7. Sew a skirt. In order to finish this, I first have to complete an apron that my roommate got me started on.

8. Paint 10 paintings of any size. I have a bunch of new acrylic techniques that I am excited to try.

9. Sing and play guitar at an open mic.

10. Have an art show.

6 Responses to “iResolve”

  1. Sandra said

    Whoot, Whoot! I love it! I’m believing God that we’ll run our best pace per mile times yet!

    Oh and one of my unspoken resolutions is to be in bed by 9:30, so you won’t have to worry about your roomie keeping you up at night!

  2. Charity said

    Super Kudos!
    here’s to an accomplished 2010!

  3. […] this question. In the last few weeks, my answer has been, “Yes, for now.” When I wrote my resolutions, I didn’t write a lot about food, but I knew I wanted to go into 2010 eating […]

  4. j. neas said

    Nicole, you should come down some Tuesday and do Open Mic at the Flatiron here in Greensboro if you really want to do an open mic somewhere. It’s very open to newcomers and really receptive and supportive in general. Just an idear. 🙂

  5. nicolelovesrain said

    Thanks, Josh! I’ll totally consider it! Mary Susan is always asking for a visit :).

  6. […] and at work)? I’ve signed up for TWO art classes in 2011. So excited! 3. I reflect on last year’s resolutions, I successfully completed 8 out of 10 (yay!). Although I’m better about getting sit-ups in, I […]

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