January 5, 2010

I had an amazing meeting this week with an artist from my church. You can look at her paintings here. I also just added her blog link to the list on the right: Eleatta’s Art.

Eleatta’s “peanut” (her personal kudos to George Washington Carver) is dreams. Her paintings are mostly based around this topic. I have long been stalking her on facebook and looking at her paintings posted there. In crucial moments, these paintings speak to me and fuel my own art. (How magnificent that I scored a print of one of her paintings for helping out!).

A few days ago, she asked me to help her film an interview in her studio for a series entitled Durham Dreams. I love that this happened so soon after I finished a painting of Durham. Eleatta is interviewing 10 key leaders in Durham and creating a painting to represent each one’s dreams for Durham. On Monday, we interviewed Sheriff Hill. He has large vision for Durham’s youth.

What was probably most valuable about this experience, though, was getting to interview Eleatta after. She had put her dream of becoming an artist on the backburner for a while (mostly to raise a family), but now, she has a studio in Durham, and it is beautiful! This was particularly inspiring to me. I do not know what God ultimately has for my life, but I’m sure that art is going to play a large role.

She shared with me a quote from Donald Trump, which I cannot quote exactly, but it says something about people who succeed in fulfilling their dreams. They are willing to deal with feeling the uncomfortable weight of their dreams. Having stepped out to pursue my dream of being a missionary, there’s this constant weight of getting there.

I would much rather experience this pressure than the sorrow of regret for never having tried.

Tenacity marks the people I have admired lately. They give their dreams a chance, even if they take awhile. They open their hearts to pain and vulnerability. They deny other things, even good things, if denial helps them reach their goals.

The scripture that came to mind as I was musing about dreams was Proverbs 13:12 “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” My friends and I have been tossing this scripture around for months. The new revelation I have about it is this: the temporary pressure on the road to fulfilling a dream really sucks, but the end result IS worth it. Without such sickness of heart as I’ve experienced this past year, I doubt I would have ever moved forward into doing all the things I’m doing now. It’s a special pressure from God that can only be alleviated by making definable steps toward fulfilled longing. It is our responsibility as human beings to figure out just what God dreams for us so we can get there.

The great thing is that no one cares as much about our dreams as God does. He cares even more than we do. For this, I am very thankful.

2 Responses to “Dreams”

  1. Nicole, it indeed was such a blast to get to hang with you. You are so wonderful. I can’t wait to watch what’s been incubating inside of you as it grows to muturity! I count myself to be the bless one, my dear, for our time together.

  2. Ugonna said

    Dear Nicole,

    What wisdom and eloquence of expression lace your writings! You mighty dream heroine, thank you for being such a graceful iron-sharpener.

    🙂 Ugonna

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