vegetarian adventures in dinner

January 19, 2010

I have decided to be a vegetarian until the end of March.

I read a book a few years ago I got for $1 about dieting. It says that you should try vegetarianism at least for 3 months. I love the way my body feels these days! I feel much lighter and that I have much more energy. Apparently, there are several advantages to being a vegetarian: 1) the body uses vegetarian food more efficiently, 2) lower cholesterol, and 3) being sick less. #3 is interesting. The book talks about how meat is treated with hormones and chemicals, which can make you sick. Food, Inc. made me realize some of this. (Seeing this film in December planted the seeds for vegetarianism in my heart).

Now, I realize I am not a true vegetarian (yet?). I still eat cheese, eggs, yogurt, and fish. I LOVE fish and have had sushi and salmon this past week – YUM.

I am GREAT at keeping a diet on my own at home, but getting out with people at restaurants, having them cook for you, etc. can be a bit challenging. Over the last several weeks, I have not really informed my friends of my decision. I just show up and hope that something works out! (I’m committed to not making this difficult for others).

I knew I wanted to make Tofu Pad Thai. It’s one of my favorites, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. I bought some tofu and a Taste of Thai box with noodles, which includes some sauce. If you have a bigger budget, getting the jar of sauce is a great idea. I squeeze the water like crazy out of the tofu and pour it out of my skillet as I cook it. Topped with peanuts, bean sprouts, and a squeeze of lime juice – I can eat this stuff for several nights in a row and not get bored.

A few weekends ago, a friend invited me over for dinner. As I was walking into the kitchen, she remarked, “I wish a vegetarian was here.” I was very excited to tell her I was one for now! She made pasta with butternut squash, walnuts and parmesan cheese. This, along with a pretty salad I made, was very satisfying.

The next big challenge was getting together with my sisters over this past weekend. They LOVE cooking. I already told them I wasn’t eating sweets, but neglected to mention my choice not to eat meat. Things went well. I refrained from breakfast casseroles with meat and asked her not to put pepperoni on my portion of pizza. She willingly did both, and everything was delicious!

What’s next? I’ve been looking up some new recipes, and I’m most excited about peanut butter spaghetti.

2 Responses to “vegetarian adventures in dinner”

  1. Vanessa said

    Hahaha! I love this post. I read the very last line and I was like, “Whaaaaat?”

    You have re-encouraged me to try vegetarianism. I’ve always been curious to try and I heard there are great healthy benefits. I will probably attempt this great feat when I am away from home and not living with my mom.

    By the way, you are one of the most fabulous human beings I’ve ever met.

  2. Heidi said

    I don’t want my wheat-less regimen to make extra work for others either – but it does make the hamburger/hotdog cookouts tricky! I feel so much better without wheat! My joints are far less painful and my tummy issues have improved.
    The peanut butter pasta sauce you made is perfect on rice or mung bean noodles. Seems that combining foods from the same culture works best. Tomato sauces on wheat-free noodles are a bad idea, like pretending that tofu is beef. But marinara sauce over polenta – yummmmm!

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