March 15, 2010

One of the greatest joys of serving God is hearing Him speak. God speaks to me very clearly about big and little things.

Now, I don’t know how God speaks to you, but He often speaks to me early in the morning. About a month ago, He said, “It’s time to move home.” God’s timing is perfect. I am moving in with my Mom at the beginning of April. She is having a knee surgery and needs help getting to appointments. I am so thankful I can help!

Last weekend, I was packing. I do not enjoy packing. I have to throw away so many things. I can’t take my art. I get bruises because I’m tripping over things. I can’t find stuff, and I leave things in one place or the other all the time.

After a Saturday of moving and bruises, I woke up early to hear God speak. “Hey Nicole, you know that pretty mobile in your room? That’s what I’m doing with you.”

I bought this mobile in Costa Rica. It is made of bamboo and painted mariposas (butterflies). I could not stop staring at it when I first saw it. The shop owner even ridiculed me, “That thing is for babies. Why would you want it?” All I knew was that it fit in my suitcase.

Eight months later, God explains. The mobile is a reminder of the beauty of movement for movement’s sake. The mobile serves no practical purpose. When the air vent hits it just right, it sways and displays its beauty. Dancing is the same: how beautiful it is to see people move!

Moving is tough. It demands physical strength, costs a lot of money, and lacks material stability. God has given me peace that my movement is beautiful to Him, and He gives me peace and beauty as His reward.

4 Responses to “mobile.”

  1. Valerie said

    Beautiful post! I hope I’ll still be able to see you around even after you move. Let me know if you need any help!

  2. Vanessa said

    Wow! Powerful. This is awesome, Nicole.

  3. Love this analogy about mobiles! Awesome, Nicole.

  4. alisacaroline said

    Aw !!! Moving?!? That means I have… oh no, so little time to see you! I love your conversations with God.

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