This past weekend was difficult for me. On Friday, all of my visa documents were returned to me because I did not submit my fingerprint information. I was told I’d have to pay again with no guarantee of repayment. Admittedly, I cried (a lot).

It wasn’t just the inconvenience of the visa situation. It was the wearing down of my soul after a YEAR of holding out in faith for this dream. It was thinking raising all of my financial support would take 6 months, only to find out that it actually did take a year. It was the hardship of surgeries in my family, meeting more people and therefore being acquainted with more pain (I’ve been to more funerals this year of my life than ever before). It was intense prayer, long drives without AC, hours on the phone, an inconsistent schedule, and at times, such low motivation I doubted I’d ever be able to finish.

However, this year was also seeing people know God through my life, more painting than any year of my life, the ability to write songs and play guitar (before several audiences!), deeper friendships, new friends, and rest. This year brought MIRACLES of healing, finances, and immense confidence.

The visa situation was resolved today. I will get a refund. I thought I was going to have to have my fingerprints scanned again (and drive lots of hours to get it done), but I didn’t have to.

Was this year worth it? Absolutely, yes. Whether I’ve had an opportunity to spend hours and days with you, or only a few minutes, I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for being a part of God’s answer to me! Thank you for refreshing me when I was tired. The people of Scotland will be thankful they aren’t getting some drained, tired-old lady! They will reap what you’ve sown into my life.

And, the adventure continues. The next post will be from my new home: Edinburgh, Scotland!