Out of the Blue

August 26, 2010

There’s this incredible arts centre near my flat. It has 82 galleries and used to be a military drill hall.

That’s right. They also have a cafe. And, a small market that meets on Saturdays. They have four stalls. One sells vegetables, one is a bakery, one makes oil and chutneys from local ingredients. I was so excited, I bought items from every stall. The fourth stall? A woman who is paid to help people repair their clothing. The only condition is that she teaches people along the way.

Before I left the States, I bought a pair of jeans from a thrift store for $7 from Kinston, NC (woo! woo!). I had long been searching for jeans that sparkle, and these jeans have great embroidery on the back pockets. Not only are they beautiful, but they fit perfectly. They are not too long, and they don’t bulge out in the back (I know the women understand what I’m talking about). They even have a stitched tag on the inside that says “God Loves You.” Don’t ask me who makes them, I’ve never heard of the brand! I truly believe these jeans dropped from heaven.

There was only one problem: the zip kept falling down (zippers are zips here)! I did not have time to get them repaired before I left the States, so I trusted that there would be opportunity here for that, and there definitely was!

On this lady’s advice, I went to a cloth shop just a few blocks away (now I also know where the fabric store is) and purchased a “wee zip” (wee = small) for 80p (that’s about $1.25). I went back, and within an hour, the woman and I took out the old zip and replaced it with the new one. Amazing!

I was going to show you a picture of the jeans, but it was so awkward taking pictures of myself wearing them :). Trust me, they look great!

4 Responses to “Out of the Blue”

  1. Julia said

    That market sounds great!! I’m so gonna visit sometime.

    Love the look of the blog by the way, and your posts. They’re such enjoyable reading. đŸ™‚

  2. Sandra said

    I am so impressed by the woman who teaches sewing in at the open air market. This is basically like a hands on practical lesson.

    Hmm, love the pictures in your previous post. I thought they were beautiful. Oh and by the way, the bible study was so excited that you’d made it to Scotland when I gave the update last night.

    Another gift from the Lord!


  3. Sang said

    pics are always appreciated. makes other peoples blogs that much better!

  4. […] And, sewing? Hmm. Until I find out there’s nowhere to buy clothes anymore or nowhere to get clothes mended, I’m surviving without this skill. As far as the painting goal, I completely blew that out of […]

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