a poem

September 4, 2010

lunch break

the nachos were not
quite what I expected,

especially the salsa,
tangy, like vinegar
and overly tomatoed.

the sour cream
thicker and less sour,
yet a perfect balance
to overly coriandered
(which used to be cilantro)

apparently, when you melt
cheese in Scotland,
it automatically
turns to plastic
and keeps you

and savoring what’s new
about what you miss.


3 Responses to “a poem”

  1. b. said

    But they do haggis *so* well! 😀

    I like your poem, especially the last line. The entry about the seamstress was cool! I’m so glad you made it; keep writing!

    Oh…and I am curious: What’s the reaction so far to your locs?

  2. rose said

    sounds like your getting some exotic chewing gum.Hey I love you I slept right through I’m so sorry, Hopefully next monday. Matter of fact I’m on my way out to doctor again. Yuck! for my rash . So again please forgive me. I love you very very much. love mom

  3. Barbara said


    “savoring what’s new
    about what you miss”

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