end of 2010

December 13, 2010

I don’t know what happens to you at the end of a year, but here are some things that happen to me:

1. I “finish” everything: return all the library books, throw away stuff I don’t need, finish up personal projects, journals, etc. On the journal note, I’ve almost filled a journal in just the time I’ve been in Scotland! It’s amazing what a writing group (only 1 hour/week) will accomplish!
2. I reflect over the previous year. At times, way more than I should. For instance, I am writing this post well after midnight. I should be sleeping and getting ready for my flight!
3. I think about the things I’ll do in the new year. Where will I travel? Who will I meet? What projects will I take on this year (both personal and at work)? I’ve signed up for TWO art classes in 2011. So excited!
4. I reflect on last year’s resolutions, I successfully completed 8 out of 10 (yay!). Although I’m better about getting sit-ups in, I was a bit too ambitious in my goal to do them every night. And, sewing? Hmm. Until I find out there’s nowhere to buy clothes anymore or nowhere to get clothes mended, I’m surviving without this skill. As far as the painting goal, I completely blew that out of the water. I painted many paintings this past year (even in just these past few months); this means I need to aim a bit higher in 2011’s Resolutions.

I fly to the States on Wednesday for a much-needed touch of home. As I reflect, however, I realise that as much as there’s no place like home, I have been stunned by the friendships that I have here in Scotland. I will miss many people, even though I’m only gone from here for two weeks. I so enjoy working for a church and all of the opportunities here. I have been invigorated as I continue to propel forward into new experiences.

I have high hopes for 2011. I will make resolutions, but much more will happen that I do not plan.