stuff to talk to God about

January 3, 2011

This year, I desire to hear God more, to spend time with Him, to read His Word. He always has so much to say. However, I’m always running around doing stuff, talking to Him while in the midst of great activity. I’m praying I’ll make it a priority to pause a lot more and listen.

Last year, I had this big picture goal: get to Scotland. We all have moments like this in our lives where there’s massive change and that’s all our brain can handle. Our Pastor reminded us this morning that there’s a season for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1-9). Now that I’ve had four months to look at the big picture, I feel that I’m in a season of more detail. It’s time to focus.

On Saturday, I heard an idea from God. My 30th birthday (22 January) is quickly approaching, so I got the idea to read the 30th Chapter of each book of the Bible (more Old Testament than anything). I journaled what I believe God spoke to me about each Chapter. I’m pretty sure I want to do this every birthday for the rest of my life. (Imagine that: something that will get a bit easier every year!). Here are some thoughts:

Exodus 30 is a beautiful Chapter about making an altar of incense. Everything the altar touches becomes holy. I thought about prioritising God’s voice and how I desire for my life to touch others that they might become closer to God.

In I Samuel 30, David and his men lost their wives and children in battle and were “bitter in soul.” Here, God is teaching me my great value as a woman, how I’m worth fighting for. David’s men were ready to stone David because they were so angry they’d lost their wives. David rescued these women without hesitation!

2 Chronicles 30 talks about how people had stopped celebrating Passover. The priests who were meant to lead the people in celebration had neglected to do it, so King Hezekiah motivates the entire kingdom to do it, which brings a lot of joy to the people. I don’t want to forget that one of my roles as a minister should always be to help people remember to celebrate God!

I hope to share more of these gleanings with you in the coming weeks. One of my resolutions is to blog weekly.

“Every word of God proves true; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.” Proverbs 30:5

As an added note, I just have to thank you for reading my blog last year! I was really astounded by how many views I had in 2010. This is one reason I’m encouraged to blog a bit more this year!

5 Responses to “stuff to talk to God about”

  1. This is such a unique idea, Nicole. I love it. I look forward to hearing all that you glean from this practice.

  2. nicolelovesrain said

    I just read your latest blog post as well. It’s so good for me to have a few weeks before I get into these art classes, so I can go to my studio and just play! 🙂

  3. Valerie said

    Great Idea! I’d like to look for more creative ways to read the Bible.

  4. b. said

    Whoa! That’s a really cool idea. I may have to try it. Eventually, I hope to reach an age where I’d have to read chapters that correspond to each digit (ie: the seventh and second chapters once I turn 72).

    That’s a long time from now…or so it seems…

    By the way, I changed my email address. Just add an r between my first and last names.

    I’m so glad to hear all that God is doing in your life!

  5. Julia said

    Loved this post, Nicole… thanks for sharing those gems you got our of God’s word. You may just get me started on the same project! Though I may give myself a longer time period to do it… 🙂

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