day off

February 18, 2011

Today is Friday, which means it’s my day off. I am always wondering what is the most life-giving, fun stuff I could possibly do on a day off. Here are some ideas if you also have a day off (which you should):

In general, I try not to worry too much about answering the phone, emails, or putting on makeup. But, if I want to do any of those things, I completely give myself freedom to do them.

1. Go for a run/walk with a friend. I know a woman here who also has Fridays off. She’s incredible. Today, we ran up Blackford Hill. Since I also ran to meet her, that means I ran for over an hour today – sweet! Also means I can be lazy the rest of the day without guilt.

2. Have a meal with a friend. Just had a lovely conversation over lunch. I love meals like that: you don’t have to worry about how long it takes because you don’t have other plans, so you can lose yourself in a conversation for a wee while.

3. Read. I woke up reading today. I have a book of childhood poetry, Espresso Tales by Alexander McCall Smith, and Like Water for Chocolate, which I can’t believe I hadn’t picked up until now!

4. Guitar playing (learning something in general). I am working on building my own website in Dreamweaver! It is very exciting and very frustrating, but I am so glad I have tons of time to watch youtube videos to figure this out.

5. Catching up. Yes, there were a lot of tasks this week that I didn’t get done. While so many people have an anti-work attitude on their day off, I sometimes find it therapeutic to get a few things done that I missed the rest of the week. If I still don’t do them, they can always come next week, but yes, it’s okay to work on your day off if working gives you life!

6. Go somewhere. Just booked a train ticket to Newcastle for another day off, coming in March :). Very excited!

Happy Day Off to me!


February 9, 2011

Newness has almost completely overwhelmed me these days! With a new flat, new ministries/responsibilities, a new decade of my life, and still the newness of Edinburgh, I am very much in a whirlwind. January almost slipped by without notice.

This morning, I was reading a book (The Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen), and I read from pages 19-34 in under ten minutes. In light of eternity, our lives do go this fast. Just yesterday I was 19, in university, wondering what the future would hold. I certainly wasn’t thinking about living abroad at 19, but ten years later, I find myself here and loving it! I am also very aware that I’ll be 34 before I know it. Wonder what I’ll be up to in 4 years?

I also want to just take a moment to thank my photographer for her help in capturing my new life so I can share it with you! If you’d like to read more about Julia Jackson, check out her blog.

my new flat: video tour

February 7, 2011

Hope you enjoy!