day off

February 18, 2011

Today is Friday, which means it’s my day off. I am always wondering what is the most life-giving, fun stuff I could possibly do on a day off. Here are some ideas if you also have a day off (which you should):

In general, I try not to worry too much about answering the phone, emails, or putting on makeup. But, if I want to do any of those things, I completely give myself freedom to do them.

1. Go for a run/walk with a friend. I know a woman here who also has Fridays off. She’s incredible. Today, we ran up Blackford Hill. Since I also ran to meet her, that means I ran for over an hour today – sweet! Also means I can be lazy the rest of the day without guilt.

2. Have a meal with a friend. Just had a lovely conversation over lunch. I love meals like that: you don’t have to worry about how long it takes because you don’t have other plans, so you can lose yourself in a conversation for a wee while.

3. Read. I woke up reading today. I have a book of childhood poetry, Espresso Tales by Alexander McCall Smith, and Like Water for Chocolate, which I can’t believe I hadn’t picked up until now!

4. Guitar playing (learning something in general). I am working on building my own website in Dreamweaver! It is very exciting and very frustrating, but I am so glad I have tons of time to watch youtube videos to figure this out.

5. Catching up. Yes, there were a lot of tasks this week that I didn’t get done. While so many people have an anti-work attitude on their day off, I sometimes find it therapeutic to get a few things done that I missed the rest of the week. If I still don’t do them, they can always come next week, but yes, it’s okay to work on your day off if working gives you life!

6. Go somewhere. Just booked a train ticket to Newcastle for another day off, coming in March :). Very excited!

Happy Day Off to me!


2 Responses to “day off”

  1. mom said

    glad your having so much fun got to talk to you soon have missed you love mom

  2. Valerie said

    Wow, you’re learning to build a website? This morning I’m helping to teach middle schoolers how to build their own sites too 🙂

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