motivational poems

April 17, 2011

I love spring. I love that everyone is outside. Today, I hung out with about 20 people I know and met about 5 new people whilst playing frisbee. I then saw two more ladies I know who were on the Meadows (massive park near my flat), and when I walked home, I got to walk home with my neighbour who saw me walking back.

My friends were telling me today that April & May are the most beautiful months in Scotland because it rains all summer. I don’t want to miss a moment.

However, (sigh) I–and several people I know–have been having trouble sleeping. It is getting light around 5 a.m. already, and I am waking up about 6 wide awake. It is also staying light past 8 p.m. I’m writing this post at 8:30. It’s still light.

Why should I complain that I’m full of energy and can sit outside without a coat? Well, it’s a restless energy. It is difficult to focus. I find myself barely able to sustain a conversation without effort.

A few weeks back, I wrote this poem about motivation that I find very apt for the season (I hope it helps you if spring is treating you the same way). The “it” in the poem is anything you’ve been putting off and need to do:

do it hungry
do it tired
do it wearing your worst

do it when you feel like something else
do it when you are cold
and can’t feel your fingers
especially when you’ve just gotten cozy in bed,
that’s the best time to get out and do it

do it when more than three items
in your flat are broken
and you can’t find your keys
it’s best to do it when you have
visitors coming round and you
haven’t even started cooking
when your favourite programme
is on TV

when you can’t even remember
how to do it
or the last time you did

that’s when it turns out best.

And, when there’s so much going on, you also need the ability to say no:


why is no so difficult for me
and easy for no others?

of course, I have no time for
5 more projects
when I have had
no sleep a solid night
in no three weeks

I wake up, I no work
I work just before no sleeping

how long will this no go on?
before I learn that no
delirium is a special type of
no creativity.

Happy Spring!


One Response to “motivational poems”

  1. rose said

    what a neat poem. I certainly know the it factor it was so hard to get up this morning but I did it.

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