on productivity

May 31, 2011

The miniature canvases for the magnets I created.

My art teacher said something really profound last week. I was telling him about a woman I had interviewed in a town not far out of Edinburgh who paints, gardens, and teaches piano so she can paint and garden. He said, “That’s what it’s all about. Hearing that there’s someone out there who is making art. So many people are consumers. Artists are producers.”

Hearing this really helped, especially since I spend 6 hours in art classes and about 5 more in my studio each week. Lately, I’ve been using art not only to make church flyers, which have proved effective in getting people to church in our congregation in Bathgate, but have also used my artistic ability to create personalised magnets for about 3o servants in our church (with the help of a dear friend!). These projects have been very fulfilling.

At work in my studio today, I actually sweated. It was the first warm day in weeks, but additionally, I did the background for a massive canvas I hope will go in my room, continued working on another large painting, and almost fully completed three small paintings in the space of about 2.5 hours. I also chatted with my studiomate who has an exhibition next week and has been pulling 13 hour days to prepare for it.

Art is work. I’m thankful it doesn’t always feel like it.