June 5, 2011

My friend Lisa, who is soon going to Korea to teach for a year, and I just returned from a holiday in Skye, a very popular holiday destination in Scotland. We had picnics, went kayaking, saw highland cows, heard bagpipe players in a town square while eating fish and chips and homemade ice cream, took photos of goats, and saw loads and loads of sheep (sometimes even blocking the road). We journaled (and I sang) by ruins. We each got a little sun, went to the toilet in nature (several times), and had an amazing time sharing and laughing.

I love living in Scotland. I thought Skye would be packed with tourists as much as I had heard about how gorgeous it was, but it was relatively untouched. Our kayak tour was just the two of us and our guide. We had our own room in a 4-bedroom hostel room. We hardly saw anyone on our leisurely walks. Scotland is one of the world’s best, most beautiful secrets.

Eilean Donan Castle (meant to be Scotland's most romantic castle)

Bagpipe band flooding Portree's (capital of Skye) town square.

A highland cow!