July 9, 2011

My drawing and painting classes ended last week. While I am a bit sad about them ending, I realise I now have the gift of a bit more time to go to my art studio, which is never a bad decision.

In my drawing class, we spent an entire day in the Botanic Gardens, which I’m convinced I need to get back to. I had the opportunity to draw some water lilies and definitely felt like Monet for a few weeks! My tutor kept telling me he really enjoyed the drawing on the left because of the unrealistic quality. It appears the lilies in this drawing are without context, and it’s not clear whether they are floating on water or are just resting on the sky.

The amount of ideas you can get from one drawing does not cease to amaze me, and I’m sure I’ll do something with these lilies in a painting soon.

One of my greatest struggles and frustrations was wanting to draw people, but being afraid to. Both classes really helped encourage me in this. And, while flipping through facebook photos, I picked up one from a friend who had been to France. I’ve long wanted to draw her because I think she has beautiful features. So, during my very last class, instead of persisting with lilies, I took time to sketch my friend.

My tutor was very encouraging about the resulting drawing. He says that it’s especially difficult to draw people straight on: much better to do a profile or angled view. Here’s the original photo and the drawn result:


One Response to “drawings”

  1. sandra said

    I think you’re really good at drawing people.

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