July 9, 2011

Apology: it’s been over a month since my last post. I’m going to post a few today to make up for the lack.

I’ve been up to loads, mostly art. I’m reading a book that’s helping me. It’s called The Artist’s Way.
One of the tasks of the book is to write something called “morning pages.” You are meant to write 3 pages everyday to keep your inner critic from getting the best of you.

I picked a small journal, so most days, I’m writing about 5 pages. Whereas, I could see this as giving me less time to do the creative writing I normally do, I actually find it gives me more confidence and not just about art. These pages have helped me process decisions and get to work doing things that I tend to procrastinate about (like blogging).

I don’t consider myself a blocked artist. I rarely have trouble filling up a page or a canvas. However, I find that I have a tendency towards negativity about my abilities. “Is this really worth the time?” “Can I actually charge that much for a painting?” The answer to both of these questions is yes.

I’m learning to choose my own creativity over absorbing someone else’s. Part of this process is a week of something called “reading deprivation.” I’m upset about this task because I am in the middle of reading Middlemarch and really enjoying it. I’m going to wait until the week after next.

But, it’s still okay to go to others for inspiration. I’m really enjoying Bon Iver’s new album. It brings me to a place of creativity.

Here’s a bit from my morning pages this morning that I think holds so much wisdom:

Oh, unsuspected door,
Not my will be done
I ask for rain
You give me sun. 


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