dates with jamie oliver

July 13, 2011

I’ve wanted to post about being single for a long time, but have never been quite sure how to do it without downing it or sounding bitter. Actually, there are so many things I enjoy about being single, even on a bad day.

One of things I’m doing while reading The Artist’s Way is taking myself on something called an artist date every week. I dress up and go somewhere and do something special for myself. I like to go to exhibitions and journal, buy myself a nice something to eat, or just sit somewhere and collage.

I love to do this on Wednesdays because it’s the middle of the week, and nobody expects to enjoy themselves in the middle of Wednesday.

As it turns out, my favourite, free gallery (The Fruitmarket Gallery) in the city doesn’t have another exhibition until August, so I’m having to think of stuff I enjoy that helps me clear my head for a few hours. Cooking is definitely one of those things.

Going on dates is a great, but they are few and far between, they rarely happen just when you want them to, and you do have to decide to do something you both enjoy when you both enjoy it.

One of the reasons I love watching TV here is that I can watch Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals. Every time I watch it, I end up trying something he’s made and I think, “Man, he’d be great to date.”

Today, I made spinach and feta pie. I cannot describe in words how delicious this is!! PLEASE try it! I was singing whilst making it and praying and thanking God while eating it. God has made some amazing things like pine nuts, lemon zest, rosemary, and cheese. YUM. The other photos in this post are from my rhubarb-pie-making adventure. Rhubarb is one of God’s greatest gifts to the UK.

Do I still want to go on dates with men? Absolutely! But, I’m thankful I don’t have to wait for some amazing man to enter my life before I can enjoy myself. Besides, I’m working on my housewife skills :).


One Response to “dates with jamie oliver”

  1. Amanda said

    Hi Nicole,

    I’m a member of an Every Nation Church in the US. I wanted to share a small part of my story as a single Christian.

    Reading your post about taking yourself on dates, triggered something in me and I had to respond.

    I became a Christian in 1998 and I have been single since that time. I’m also a single mom of a teenager. My teenager and I both deal with a chronic illness. To say life’s been hard is an understatement and doing it alone has been even harder.

    There have been times when I was sick, that I wish I had someone to lean on, but had no one. God was my only comfort. I think there are some of us that are chosen to wait. I believe wholeheartedly, God uses us during this period. And he will use us over and over and over.

    I’ve learned a couple of things in the 13 years, I’ve been single.
    First and foremost, 95% of women will struggle with the loneliness of being single. The other thing I learned, is it will either make a woman stronger or it will make her desperate. Coaching women out of their ‘desperate’ phase has been a large part of my ministry. Teaching women and teenagers, their own importance and self-worth is my main priority. I’ve been able to do this because I know the feeling of being single in the worst of circumstances. Experience makes us teachers.

    I’m not sure why I’m still typing, but I can’t seem to stop. My small story is turning into a book. Sorry cowgirl.

    Last year in October I started a project for 22 of my girlfriends. I created and decorated a box for each woman and in the box, I filled it with with wishes, dreams, prayers, and love. I would send them letters of my experiences and little pieces decorated wood with encouraging notes. The opening letter, I sent them a wish card and told them they’d each been granted a wish. The only stipulations were they could not wish for a husband and the wish had to be for them and them alone. One of the most important statements I made during that project was, “You have no identity if you lean solely on the belief a man will make you happy.” The response I received was overwhelming and I knew in that moment, my project did not gain an origin from myself, but from the Lord.

    One of the girls asked me how to overcome the loneliness and the advice I gave her was, “Live your life. Learn who you are without a man. Live your dreams. Travel. Go out. Invite people over. Throw parties. Get involved in life. Help others.”

    This is why your post triggered that response in me to write. It’s what I’ve been telling my girlfriends. Enjoy life. Enjoy your freedom. Live. I had a friend many years ago (before she was married), who would go on ‘Jesus dates’. She would get really dressed up and go somewhere like a nice restaurant or the park or a secluded place and read Psalms and pray. I thought it was the sweetest thing I’d ever heard.

    I can’t believe I’m still typing!! Wrapping up now..

    You are doing the right things Nicole. Keep taking yourself on dates. Keep cooking. Keep exploring. Who knows where it will take you?? You could start the ‘Jamie Oliver Single Ladies Ministry’ or the ‘Single Ladies Edinburgh Explorers Ministry’.

    Waiting won’t always be easy, but it will make you stronger, independent, wiser, and a marvelous counselor for single women.

    Big big hugs,

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