half a birthday

July 23, 2011

I have definitely calmed down about being 30 in the last few months. I realise more and more that this is a time to be celebrated, like any other year of my life. I also found this video, which really, really helped:

Now that you’re laughing, I also want to say I was shocked to read just a few moments ago that Amy Winehouse died at 27. I took a minute to watch “Rehab” and learned a little bit about why. Lack of humility. It’s a fine balance between humility and confidence.

Many artists are self-deprecating. We are truly some of the neediest people out there. Although I’m not addicted to drugs or alcohol (thank God), I understand the impulse. As an artist, it is very, very hard to shut your brain down and stop being creative. Some artists think that substances make them more creative. Then, we are idealists, most of us, so we don’t know when to ask for help.

I’m doing my best not to let all of the good things art has produced in my life go to my head. I’m still not making enough to fund all that I spend on art supplies or my studio space, so I think I’ll be okay.


2 Responses to “half a birthday”

  1. Sandra said

    Your half-birthday is my birthday! I felt as if I got a birthday shotout from across the Atlantic!

    I love you!

  2. Grace said

    Thank you for this Nicole. So encouraging and true. : )

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