Last year, when I went to Seattle in May, I was really worried about going alone, especially since I am rubbish at directions. That trip taught me that going on holiday by yourself can be a really rewarding experience. I am now committed to doing this often, even if just for a day trip.

I went to London last week, and it was EPIC, probably one of the best hoidays EVER (probably partly thanks to having an iPhone to direct me). So, here you are, 8 Tips for going on holiday if you happen to be by yourself:

1. Pack nice clothes, especially if you’re going to a city. You’ll enjoy the freedom you feel to wear whatever you like, and it makes everything you do seem a little more important and exciting.
2. Have a plan of some things you want to do (the internet is great for this), but don’t be too attached to your plans–good life philosophy. I never thought I’d make it back to London, but found myself five years later in the same city (I remembered where specific paintings were in the Tate Modern!). Since I had seen major sights, I didn’t have to worry about racing around and could focus on a few great things.
3. Get recommendations. I talked to people who live in London. I highly recommend Kensington Palace and the Chelsea Physic Gardens if you’re on your way there anytime soon.
4. Buy something. I went really touristy and bought a union jack watch from Camden Market, but I also bought a very nice dress I can wear to some events I’ll have in the States coming up (my sister’s wedding will give me lots of great opportunities). When people ask you where you got the thing you bought, you can say, “I bought it in London.” I have so many things from all over the world, and it’s nice to relive the holidays through those things.
5. Look for inspiration. If you get out of your routine, you are likely to find something that answers a question or holds significance for you. I had a very spiritual moment in Westminster Abbey on my one-year anniversary of living in the UK. I will never forget the moment, how close God felt, and I have a beautiful poem to remind me.
6. Give yourself leisure. Again, the importance of holiday. Even in busy London, I was able to slow down. I drank a latte a day (slowly), visited a park a day (usually in the evening in between day and evening events to journal), and stopped when I was hungry or tired of walking. I slept in, but still saw plenty!
7. Take yourself out for a nice dinner. I did this in Seattle and it was fantastic. I put my feet on the empty chair opposite and even met some people in the restaurant. This trip to London, I caved in and got a burrito. The servers spent a lot of time chatting to me and serving me. Fun indeed.
8. And finally, don’t be completely alone. I was thankful to stay with a friend and spent loads of time with her in evenings. I met a friend I know and had a brilliant time in Borough Market. I even made a new friend–a kindred Christian artist.

I’ll be in the States soon, soaking in all that’s familiar and enjoying you, my precious friends and family. So excited! (Also very much looking forward to authentic Mexican food!).