September 22, 2011

I had a few desires for my trip home. Big and small, they have been accomplished. Mexican food, candy (skittles, twizzlers, candy corn), bought a guitar (I’ll be passing this one on to my grandchildren!), sold my car, got a haircut from a lady I just met, went to the beach twice, read and saw The Help (movies come out later in the UK, so catching up on a few was a goal), and spent precious quality time with family and a few very key friends.

One of those friends is my dear friend Andrea. We’ve been friends since fourth grade. What a pleasure and honor to know her! We talked a lot about abundance in the few days we were together. How just because someone else writes a novel (even if it’s about exactly the same thing), has a good relationship, or does anything else well, doesn’t mean that someone else having something excludes you from the very same (or even better). We would all need to give up if so!

It depends on how you view God. Either He is an either-or kind of God or a both-and kind of God. I constantly have to shift my thinking. It’s not–If I get that, I can’t have this. It’s–I will work on this now, and later, I’ll have both as He sees fit, at a time when I can appreciate them both.

Andrea and I went on an adventure Monday morning. I hopped on the back of her Vespa and we made our way to the PTA Thrift Store in Carrboro. We took home LOADS. She’s holding a crock in the photo, and I a basket for her eggs I encouraged her to purchase. I got a Bible and a saint to hang in my room. These were great finds that perfectly illustrate the idea of abundance. The note on the left is one I found in the Bible (I love trying to figure it out – it seems so poetic). The image on the far right is the back of the Saint.

We also fit the two of us and everything we bought on Andrea’s Vespa despite my insistence that we go get the car instead. Abundant indeed.


2 Responses to “both-and”

  1. Sandra said

    When do you leave? I do like the joy of spending time with old friends.

  2. sandra said

    Post more!

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