my first performance

October 23, 2011

I have never played an entire set, even though I’ve been a semi-dedicated open mic attender over the past few years. This past Tuesday night, I got my chance, and I have another gig coming up this Friday. Here’s a video with highlights from Tuesday’s performance:

It was odd being on the other side of the microphone (I’ve supported a lot of musician friends over the years). It only made me want to encourage musicians more, buy more albums, and work harder on the musical stuff I’m learning. It was a very odd thing having people who I don’t have personal relationships with come because they saw I was the feature. I was also really surprised people like my singing (I love writing and playing guitar, but singing has often felt like a necessary evil).

I still don’t know what motivates people to perform. It is so nerve wracking! My guitar teacher said that every time he performs, he learns something. That’s how it is with everything you show up for in life, I guess. The thing is, you don’t get to pick what you learn. I learned from the sound man that my “guitaring is great,” but I “need to work on my vocals.” My volume gets higher when I hit higher notes, and I need to stabilise and even it out. I can hear it now when I listen to others (and I’m hoping soon I’ll get it with my own work).

The more guitar I learn, the more I can hear how tunes fit together and how soon, I’ll be able to do more, like barre chords, I’ve been wanting to do for ages. I’m also recording, playing music with my friend, and got to go to a songwriting workshop for 3 hours this past Saturday with a lovely lady called Jo Mango (look her up!). It’s all happening so quickly, but beautifully. I’m growing and that’s worth celebrating. In the context of all the open mics I’ve ever sung at, my first performance was fantastic, and I am proud of this video, even though in a few years (or maybe months), I’ll wonder what I was thinking.


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