decorating food

January 14, 2012

Since making the decision to renew my visa here this summer (2.5 more years in Edinburgh!), I have been settling a lot more, buying things to make my flat more homelike, and dreaming up new things I can make and eat.

I’ve been putting up more paintings and photographs in the flat. Below are some photos I put up in the kitchen. The second photo is some rose lemonade I bought so I can use the bottle to make my own vanilla extract.

During Christmas, I got really into hot chocolate, which really got me into cute-looking tins. I also went to visit friends in London and got inspired to make my own granola. I will make this for the rest of my life!

2 Responses to “decorating food”

  1. Sandra said

    I am glad of the visa renewal, especially since I had a mild panic, “No I won’t be able to visit Nicole this year before she leaves!”

  2. b. said

    I soooooooooo enjoy Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade!!!!!!!! We have it here in MD and I bought some on a whim. It’s my treat when we have something special for dinner.

    I’m always blessed to read more about your Scotland adventures and your growth in Christ.

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