good times in glasgow.

February 2, 2012

I mentor a lovely girl called Julia. We got to revisit the Willow Tea Rooms in Glasgow (it had been almost 6 years since I’d been there!). The chairs are designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh (a famous Glasgow designer who designed the curtains in my lounge). Six years ago, the Willow Tea Rooms made a friend and I late for a flight to Ireland, which caused us to buy new tickets. It was worth it–

We ate pecan cheesecake, bought matching necklaces, ate fish and chips (at a different place), and then went to see a gig. Chasing Owls and Admiral Fallow (listen to them!).

Julia says, “Every time we get together, we eat the best food and find the best places. You should have a tagline, ‘Mentoring on steroids.'” (She mentors me far more than I mentor her anyway!).

In March, I get to meet a Polish friend’s parents in Poland. I also get to revisit Madrid to see a fellow missionary. So much to look forward to! I am very, very, very thankful for such a fun life and great friends in the gorgeous journeys I take.

2 Responses to “good times in glasgow.”

  1. Sandra said

    I am pretty bummed that the flowers didn’t get there and I was so proud of myself for finding a retailer that took my American visa and made a UK delivery. I’m working up the hootspah to hagle with Marks and Spencer now.

  2. Sandra said

    P.S. She looks like Mary Susan, who I noticed (through facebook) has a new BF

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