EPEG 2012

May 27, 2012

It was a real honour to serve our European pastors last week. We had 80 people from around Europe attend the conference here in Edinburgh. I got to make the design for the conference (slides, banners, etc.).

Also, I had a tremendous time catering a tea/coffee break and lunch for 80 church leaders Wednesday through Friday. We did the whole thing in a very green, local food fashion.

For all of the tea/coffee breaks, we used the mugs at our fabulous venue Destiny Church. No styrofoam! I believe this was a God move because Costco didn’t have any styrofoam cups when we went shopping and Destiny wrote us an email asking if we could keep from piling too much rubbish in their bins (we collected the rubbish from the tables, which resulted in us only using 2 small bags of rubbish each day). I was more than happy to offer to wash mugs (they have an industrial dishwasher, and I had two volunteers each day, so it wasn’t a major task).

We had a lovely woman in our church make cakes for the entire conference. We had lemon cranberry coconut cake, apple cinnamon sugar cake, devonshire apple cake, carrot cake, and banana bread. I know this was a real blessing to our pastors. Not a single crumb was left.

On Wednesday, Nathan had the idea to cater potatoes, so we went to the Tattie Shop in Bruntsfield (just across the road from my flat). I had three conversations with the owner Kevin. We overcame time, oven space, and other obstacles and fed 80 people for £120. We made our own fillings: tuna, baked beans from cans, and cheese.

The last two days, we catered sandwiches from a social enterprise called Crescent Kitchen. The sandwiches were really well done, there was a low delivery charge, and no VAT (tax). I would happily work with either of these fine companies again.

Pastors are a funny lot to serve. First, they take ages to come get their food because they are busy praying for one another. Second, even though the whole point was to serve them, they kept asking if they could help.

I got to participate in almost all of the meetings myself. One of the best moments was one of the nights our worship leader at church who is Scottish encouraged us by quoting Matthew 19:29: “And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands, for my name’s sake, will receive a hundredfold and will inherit eternal life.”

I definitely received the joy of serving this past week. I was a little tired Friday afternoon, but nowhere near as exhausted as I expected to be, which made it so evident to me that I received much more than I gave.

church art

May 27, 2012

I have had a lot of success recently working on church art. It’s hugely encouraging to use my skills to bless my church here in Scotland.

Here are a few sermon series slides. The first one is for the book of Ruth.

The cutout effect of different patterns on the Pentecost slide was something I had wanted to try for a while.