heavenly peace

December 17, 2012

I’ve been silent on this blog for a while, but of course, I am always thinking. I have had a lot of  people around the last few months, lots of changes in church and more to consider than normal. Thoughts that don’t always seem blog appropriate.

One of the recent Sundays at church, I thought about the lyrics to “Silent Night”. I’ve been sleeping a lot this month (my, how it’s flown!), trying to catch up, making Christmas preparations, reflecting, going to parties. Then, feeling guilty about resting. Typical.

I’m convinced that rest is one of our biggest Christian benefits. We don’t often take enough advantage of this gift.

The lyric “sleep in heavenly peace”  is the one that struck me. Jesus was able to sleep, even in poverty, even with Herod out to kill him, even with the wise men around him, adorning him with gifts.

The enemy fights against this peace with everything. This time of year, the devil wants us to get stressed about gift giving, food and so many other things that don’t matter.

May you rest this season. And if you want an opportunity to further reflect on Christmas lyrics, I recommend this website. Merry Christmas!

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